Touched (Reality Series Book 2) is Now Available for Preorder

Posted by on May 26, 2015

I’m happy to announce that you can now preorder your digital copy on Amazon!    Lilah Pate convinced herself long ago that she was crazy for seeing people that turned into monsters right before her eyes. She discovers that not only are the strange creatures from her waking nightmares Real, but that she’s one of them. She is a shape-shifting creature known in Reality as a Catsin. The only reason her own heritage as the chief of a Catsin pride is revealed to her is because someone doesn’t want her to claim her rank. A Hunter is out to kill her and other Catsin half-breeds. Lilah’s only protection is the god Thanatos and her fellow pride-mates. Lilah finds her match in Thanatos, but her soul has been Touched by another. Someone who is playing their own game has plans to use her as a pawn. Her life tumbles out of control as she learns how to live in Reality, the world of the father she never knew. Lilah scrambles to learn how to protect herself and discover more about the Catsin before the Hunter can find her. Don’t miss out on diving deeper into Reality with this second installment of the Reality Series! Pre-order your copy here!...

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