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Posted by on Oct 3, 2013

If you didn’t realize this already, I’m a huge fan of encouraging people to read.  Writing book reports in grade school was how I discovered I wanted to be an author.  Naturally, when a young reader wrote a book report about Falken’s Woods, I begged her to let me post it here.  I’m grateful for all of my readers and I feel blessed that she wrote this for school!


Falkens Woods by: Sara-Beth Cole

Falkens Woods is a great book full of mysteries and teenage thoughts. Anyone could find interest in this book.

Regina is a young girl that graduated high school, who lives with her Aunt Liddy. Her mom died and she doesn’t know her dad, or where he is. Her aunt is on her fathers side; therefore, she doesn’t know her that well. Regina is in an awkward state right now, until she meets twin brothers in the woods. Falkens Woods. Jason and Landon Falken become close friends with Regina. The two very different twin brothers hangout with her every day, building something out there that causes things later in the story. Regina, Jason, and Landon run into a few problems along the way of their friendship. They go through a lot together in the story and I recommend you to read and find out.

In the end, Regina decides to go to school next fall in the small town, living with her aunt that she grows a bond with, and running into problems with her new friends.


  1. Sara, you have hit a nerve with the youth crowd and that wil become a vital factor in your future success. I read a review of “The Hunger Games” in AARP of all places and they recommended it for older readers. I read the trilogy and loved all 3 books and also bought the first video of the series. You have a long and successful road ahead of you. Congratulations!!!

    • Steve, I also truly enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy! My husband and I read through them quickly and enjoyed the first movie. However, I don’t know at what age I would let my own children read them. I would want them to at least be in their mid-teens. Falken’s Woods is aimed for 13-25 year olds and I hope the younger crowd can find pleasure in Falken’s Woods and any future novels written by myself.
      Also, I recently posted on here about a new series starting with book 1, The Way, by Mary Twomey. If you enjoyed Hunger Games, you’ll love Volumes of the Vemereaux! Happy Reading!

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